Love Strange Love (1982)

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In 1937 São Paulo, 12-year-old Hugo comes from Santa Catarina, his grandmother returning him to his mother Anna, who is now with Osmar, the state’s most influential politician. She lives in a luxurious mansion with several other young ladies, all led by Laura and serving the political maneuvering of Osmar, who uses the house for parties and orgies in order to impress and please possible political allies. The boy’s arrival coincides with the day of a great farewell party for Benício, the most influential and powerful politician from another state. Laura gets nervous, not wanting things to get out of hand, so she puts Hugo in a room in the attic, but he is disturbed in a house where circumstances always surround him with young women, some of whom provoke, tease, or attract him. Tamara is the young woman who is most interested in Hugo. Newly arrived at the house and coming from Santa Catarina, it is a “virgin” genre and it is especially there to be given to Benicio, who never “jumped the fence”. In the morning comes the news that dictatorial measures were taken by the government, changing the political situation.

Original title of the movie is Amor Estranho Amor.


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Audio: Portuguese (Original), Russian (Voice-over) | Subtitle: Arabic, English, French, Portuguese

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