The Boys of Beslan (2005)


On September 1, 2004, a group of heavily armed rebel extremists stormed into School No. 1 in Beslan, Russia. A bomb was detonated by accident and 334 hostages were killed. 172 of them were children. THE BOYS OF BESLAN is not so much about the slaughter of innocents, but rather the spirit and resiliency of youth, embodied in the shining faces of young survivors Kazik and Asik Aliev, twin brothers. For even as they speak so sadly of the horror the witnessed that dark day in September, there is still the twinkle of hope in their eyes. A documentary chronicling a simple day in the life of these two boys, from waking in the morning to breakfast, and their remembrances about the event.


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Audio: Russian | Subtitle: English (Hardcoded)

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