Vuelve (2013)

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In an old monastery with a heavy and violent past lives Gabriel, thirteen years old, with his mother suffering from Cotard syndrome, a mental illness causing depression and self-destruction, and his strict and idealistic father in conflict with a religious congregation for the ownership of the building. . Gabriel has a symbiotic relationship with his mother, bordering on incest, which the father disapproves of but fails to counter. One day Gabriel’s mother almost commits suicide before his eyes. Shocked, the teenager locks himself in and sinks over the course of the days in a kind of delirium filled with terrifying visions of his mother asking him to avenge her. He will then begin to unearth one by one old family secrets, seeking to punish more and more violently all those who, according to him, have hurt his mother.


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Audio: Spanish | Subtitle: English, French

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