Love Strange Love (1982)

In 1937 São Paulo, 12-year-old Hugo comes from Santa Catarina, his grandmother returning him to his mother Anna, who is now with Osmar, the state’s most influential politician. She lives in a luxurious mansion with several other young ladies, all led by Laura and serving the political maneuvering of Osmar,…

1982 (2019)

Drama, History, Romance
In June of 1982, Israel invaded Lebanon, which was already reeling from its ongoing civil war. In his feature debut, director Oualid Mouaness revisits this cataclysmic moment in Lebanese history through a different lens. At a private school on the outskirts of Beirut, as the geopolitical conflict inches closer and…

Dix et Demi (2010)

Tommy, 10 years old, is well known by Social Services. He is considered a danger to society. Gilles, his guardian at this halfway house, sees potential for redemption in this kid driven by violence. From a broken home – his parents, Luc Lebeau and Sonia Leblanc, both with substance abuse…

Bunny in the Rain (2020)

Drama, Short
A six-year-old boy diagnosed with autism suffers from a lack of parents’ love. The only person whom he loves and who understands him is his nanny. Once an unsettling story takes place on a playground – his nanny is arrested. The boy is left alone in a big world that…

Locke and Key – Season 2 (2021)

Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Twenty-five years ago, the Keepers of the Keys – consisting of Rendell Locke, Kim Topher, Jeff Ellis, Mark Cho, Erin Voss, and Ellie Whedon, and her boyfriend Lucas Caravaggio – used one of several magical keys, the Omega Key, to open the Black Door, leading to the possession of Caravaggio…

Middle School (2016)

Comedy, Family
We open with Rafael ‘Rafe’ Khatchadorian (Griffin Gluck) drawing in his sketchbook. In his mind, the drawings come to life and blast his alarm clock when it goes off. His mom Jules, (Lauren Graham) enters and comments that Rafe’s been drawing all night, though he denies it. They have a…

The Kumite (2009)

Maximus is twelve and captain of the National Ukrainian Karate Full-Contact Youth Team. They are the underdog favorites as they prepare and go into the ring against the much more experienced Russian team in the Europe Karate Finals. With his father as coach played by real life Dad, Victor, he…

Dotty (2013)

Adventure, Drama, Short
Dotty is a touching film centered around an unlikely friendship that highlights the beauty in friendships that cross a generation gap. A lonely 9-year-old boy stumbles across a modest caravan in the American Midwest, inside the caravan lives Dotty, an eccentric but kind women old enough to be his grandmother.…